Principal Hughes

Mrs. Hughes

Assistant Principal – APEIS

Ms. Searcy

Ms. Searcy




Pre – K

Mrs. Redulfin
Pre-K, Mrs. Redulfin
Mrs. Collins
Pre-K, Mrs. Collins



Ms. Quintero
Kinder, Mrs. Quintero 2014 Eddy Award Winner
Ms. Volmer
Kinder, Ms. Volmer


Mrs. Bishay
Kinder. Mrs. Bishay

1st Grade

Mrs. Mangos
1st & 2nd Grade, Mrs. Mangos
Mrs. Recendez
1st Grade, Mrs. Recendez, Past Eddy Award Winner
Mrs. Iguchi
1st Grade, Ms. Iguchi, Past Eddy Award Winner




2nd Grade

Mrs. Tripodo
2nd Grade, Mrs. Tripodo, Past Eddy Award Winner


Mrs. Jenkins
2nd Grade, Mrs. Jenkins, Past Eddy Award Winner


3rd Grade

3rd Grade,Miss Grams, Past Eddy Award Winner
3rd Grade, Ms. Grams, Past Eddy Award Winner
Mr. Young
3rd Grade, Mr. Young, 2013 Eddy Award Winner
Mrs. Armstrong
3rd Grade, Mrs. Armstrong, Past Eddy Award Winner



4th Grade

Mrs. Young
4th Grade, Mrs. Young
Mr. Fortier
4th Grade, Mr. Fortier

5th Grade 

Mr. Faber
5th Grade, Mr. Faber
Dr. Okorie
5th Grade, Dr. Okorie
Mrs. Angelo - Stewart
5th Grade, Mrs. Angelo- Stewart


Special Education K- 2nd Grade and Resources

Mr. Penate
Special K-2, Mr. Penate


Mrs. Brear
Resource Specialist, Mrs. Braer


Office Staff

  • Ms Mona Spicer     Office Technician
  • Ms. Isabel Saenz    SAA


  • Kelvin Robinson
  • Devon Washington


  • Ylana Hanford – Mgr
  • Valerie Johnson – Wkr

After School Program

  • Sarah Fernandez – Beyond the Bell
  • Jonathan Fino – Beyond the Bell
  • Chandra Hampton – College Bound
  • Adriana Wianecki – Star

Classified Staff

office staff


* The EDDY Awards program was designed to recognize and reward outstanding teacher performance. The process begins at the school level where teachers are selected among their peers based on specific criteria to represent their school as the Teacher of the Year. The 157 school Teachers of the Year then complete an extensive packet that outlines their teaching philosophy, professional development activities, leadership roles and student achievement data.


























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6011 W. 79th St Westchester, CA 90045 ..Phone 310-645-5611…. fax 310-645-4258 …….Mrs. Hughes, Principal


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